What Can You Eat When Your Jaw Is Wired Shut

It is worth the wait, because it feels so good when you can finally use mouthwash. You can do this with other foods as well, but i did it with bananas.

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Using lip balm or other moisturizers, like petroleum jelly, to keep your lips moist

What can you eat when your jaw is wired shut. Your healthcare provider will tell you which foods you can eat and how to blend them. Rothstein recommends you limit the amount of high caloric beverages such as milk shakes and sports drinks 1. This makes it hard to eat.

I would suggest trying to fatten up before having it done because you will lose some weight. No worrying about a waterfall or a sprinkle coming your way. Add skim milk powder to milkshakes, casseroles, puddings, and

The idea is to stay hydrated and consume 1600—2000 calories a day (about 8—10 cups of liquid). If any chunks get in, you will have to swallow them whole as there is no chewing. Other practices you may want to consider while your jaw is wired include:

Fractured jaw bones may not heal properly, even with wiring. Include protein foods every day, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products. So it’s always nice to have an extra one just in case your thirsty for water or can’t find your other one and you pour whatever’s in out and fill it with your favorite meal.

If using an oral syringe, be careful about the consistency of food you push into your mouth. It's this simple.your mouth is not completely wired shut.if you can get a straw in your mouth (ie.nutrition).then you can stick a pill in the opening they allow you, & swallow it.then drink your water through that straw that ya poke through the little opening they allow you for such.again, your jaw is not completely shut. When you’re hungry, you’re hangry.

I wouldnt suggest playing ball. Yawning was the worst and the hardest. Follow up with your healthcare provider as directed:

Banana shakes, chocolate shakes, strawberry shakes, etc. Even with an oral syringe, your food should be blended. You may need to go to a specialist if your upper and lower teeth are not lined up properly.

You will have to eat these foods through a syringe or straw. Get out there and find out everything that you can about living with a broken jaw and having your mouth wired shut. Will i be able to eat normal food straight away or it would take time for the jaw motion?

I wasn't able to do this after my second surgery with my jaws wired shut. Your teeth can be damaged, too, leading to pain, infection, and tooth loss. Your teeth may be damaged during the procedure.

Yes you can talk with your mouth wired shut. There are nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and the joint(tmj) that can be compromised by this injury. (3) you just squeeze and drink, and the perfect amount comes out.

It's also an insight into what foods should be consumed at different stages of recovery. It was wired shut for 6 months. I eat a lot of milk based shakes:

You're friends shouldnt think any differently about you. The morning after surgery, my doctor showed up early and passed me an ominous looking clear syringe with a red spout. I had a broken jaw when i was nine.

You must keep your mouth clean to avoid infection and tooth decay, food caught in the wires is not only unsightly, but it can produce a most unpleasant odor. Healing is not the only reason for wiring a person’s jaw shut, however. I also had broekn jaw and had jaw surgery.

During recovery, a person with a wired jaw may use a blender to mix up foods for consumption. Oral syringes allow for blended food of a thicker consistency to get into your mouth. There a number of complications following a broken jaw that can become very serious.

Anything can happen and cause you further injury. What would happen on the day when they remove the wires? Even if your jaw isn't wired or banded, though, you'll still be advised to consume only liquids and specified soft foods for possibly a week afterward.

Thin your soup with heavy cream to the right consistency. Drink milk or juice with your lunch for added calories. I was able to eat processed foods.

This would be my only eating and drinking utensil for the next several days. You should brush your teeth after every meal and before bedtime. You will need to eat foods that have been blended with liquids.

Now that your jaws have been wired together you must be especially concerned about good oral hygiene. Inform yourself of what to eat, how to care for your teeth, how to cope with stress and the benefits of building a strong and helpful support system. Eat 6 small meals a day.

To achieve the maximum weight loss benefits from jaw wiring, dr. If you are losing weight, include high energy foods such as whole milk products, puddings, ice cream and liquid nutrition supplements. The damage to the bone is only one consideration.

My mouth is wired and shut for 4 weeks. This is obviously a huge subject when it comes to having your jaw wired shut. You can freeze sliced bananas in bags to preserve them if you buy too many.

Its been like 3 weeks and another week to go. If your jaw is banded or wired shut, you will be given instructions on the liquid diet you should follow for several days until the bands/wires are removed. Helpful website for soup recipes for post jaw surgery.

I had a very bad acident and had several facial injuries. Jaw surgery sometimes means that your jaws have to be wired shut for several weeks to heal. Jar of baby chicken meat.

You will have to eat these foods through a syringe or straw. You will need to eat foods that have been blended with liquids. You will have to drink your meals or eat only very soft foods, such as mashed potatoes or pureed foods.

The person with a wired jaw will have a limited amount of movement, so the bones are better able to be kept in alignment while the body repairs them. I have to drink something every two hours whether it’s a protein drink like boost or a super thin fruit smoothie or nutella milkshake or pureed rice with soup or a nice cold cup of water. The dark chocolate is by far the best―rich without being sickly sweet, with an aftertaste that’s slightly chalky without being unappealing.

You will need to have your jaw wired shut again. Tell yourself you know nothing and need to know everything in order to survive. Then let them thaw a few minutes, blend them into a shake and enjoy.


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